Q: How do these wipes help my golf game? 

A: Golf is hard enough when you, your golf ball, and your clubs are all perfectly clean. A clean ball flies straighter, a clean club makes better contact, and clean grips stop your club from slipping in your hand.

If any of those elements are noticeably off, BOOM, swing thought and distraction! ProPlay products wipe your distractions away and set you up for success before each and every golf shot because if you're anything like us, you need all the help you can get! 

Q: Why wouldn't I just use my towel? 

A: Go ahead! We love towels, we use them too. What we've found is that when you're taking perfect pancake divots, or more likely chunking it fat like us, there's often some pretty heavy stuff on your club face and ball. 

We like to use our towels but try to keep them clean enough to still use on our hands and face. ProPlay wipes do a great job with the kind of dirt you don't want to be carrying around all day.

Q: How are your wipes different than, say, baby wipes or disinfecting wipes?

A: ProPlay wipes have been specifically formulated for the intended purposes of cleaning golf balls, golf club faces, grips, and shoes. It's important to note what's NOT in our wipes. No oils, aloes, moisturizers, harsh chemicals, or fragrances. Most baby wipes are meant to keep babies skin soft and moisturized and disinfecting wipes are made to kill bacteria from surfaces - both things that are very much not golf...the ingredients in those products would make your golf equipment slippery or covered with chemicals not made for the skin. 

In other words, they work!