ProPlay is a small family business based in Michigan. With an extensive history among us in medical product development and manufacturing to marketing and brand strategy, we did the obvious thing and found a way to get more golf into our lives! 

We're a family that plays together as much as we can. We play golf, tennis, horseshoes, corn-hole, go hiking, board games, cards...you name it, we're not much for sitting around and are always ready for a challenge. We also tend to have a touch of OCD when it comes to keeping things organized and clean. 

We hope to provide our customers with products that allow them to enjoy their days as much as we do and realize that getting dirty is the best way to spend your time. ProPlay is here to clean you up and get you back out there for the next golf shot, hike in the woods, first day of school, job interview, first date, or Thanksgiving Day foot race! 

Play. Get Dirty. Get Clean. Repeat.