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Clean up your game & amplify your performance!

Use the convenient ProPlay wipes anytime & anywhere to improve your golfing experience.

ProPlay wipes for conveniently cleaning as you play

$43.00 per box - $162.00 per case$3.65$87.60

Easily wipe away the dirt and grass stains from your golf ball and club face.

$57.50 per box - $216.00 per case$4.95$118.80

Wipe away the dirt off your grips and restore the tacky feel to your golf grips.

ProPlay Advocates

 Michael Breed

 Martin Hall

Michael Breed

How They Work?

Each wipe has a specific cleansing formula infused into disposable cotton cloths. What’s important is what ingredients are not in the formulation: no aloe, oil, glycerin, alcohol or offensive smells. Placing these wipes into convenient resealable packets allows a golfer to use these cleaning wipes anywhere and anytime.

Ball/Club WipesEveryone wants to play with a clean ball and club face.

  • CleansingUnscented and powerful
  • ConvenientUse anywhere, anytime. Easy to carry, resealable pack
  • CompleteNo need to leave the cart

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Grip WipesRemoves Grime and restores tackiness.

  • Easy to useNo buckets, no scrubbing, no mess!
  • Extends LifeRemoves damaging oils and dirt
  • EffectiveWorks on all varieties of grips

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What users have to say!

Our products are easy to use, convenient, affordable, and dependable.

ProPlay, love the wipes. I wish you could help me clean up the rest of my game too.

Devin D / San Diego, CA

I bought the ball wipes because I hate when the ball washers are empty. Thanks ProPlay, now I can wash my ball between holes.

Mark M / Huntington Woods

The Ball & Club wipes are awesome. No scent and convenient. Fair price too. These will be a nice add on gift for father’s day.

Gordy B / Peoria, AZ