Clean up your game & Amplify Your Performance.

Use the convenient ProPlay wipes anytime & anywhere to improve your golfing experience.

ProPlay wipes for conveniently cleaning as you play.

$42.00 per box - $162.00 per case$3.50$84.00

Easily wipe away the dirt and grass stains from your golf ball and club face.

$54.00 per box - $216.00 per case$4.75$114.00

Wipe away the dirt off your grips and restore the tacky feel to your golf grips.

How They Work?

Each wipe has a specific cleansing formulation; infused into disposable cotton cloths. What’s important is what ingredients are not in the formulation, there are no aloe, oil, glycerine, alcohol or offensive smells. Placing these wipes into resealable convenient packets allow the golfer to use these cleaning wipes anywhere and anytime.

Ball WipesEveryone wants to play with a clean ball.

  • Cleansing Non-scented and powerful
  • Convenient Use anywhere, anytime. Easy to carry, resealable pack
  • Complete No need to leave the cart.

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Club Face-WipeGets rid of distance-robbing dirt.

  • Handy Resealable pack clips to your golf bag or throw in the front of your cart.
  • Helpful Wipes away dirt, sand and grass.
  • Hygienic Oil Free.

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Grip WipesRemoves Grime and restores tackiness.

  • Easy to use No buckets, no scrubbing no mess!
  • Extends life Removes damaging oils, dirt
  • Effective Works on all varieties of grips

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What users have to say!

Our products are easy to use, convenient, affordable, and dependable.

ProPlay, love the wipes. I wish you could help me clean up the rest of my game too.

Devin D / San Diego, CA

I bought the ball wipes because I hate when the ball washers are empty. Thanks ProPlay, now I can wash my ball between holes.

Mark M / Huntington Woods

The Ball & Club wipes are awesome. No scent and convenient. Fair price too. These will be a nice add on gift for father’s day.

Gordy B / Peoria, AZ

About us

I’m a golfer who’d had enough! I got fed up with finding golf ball washers without water. I got tired of breaking out a bucket of soap and water to clean my clubs. So, I did something about it. I created products to meet the need of real golfers. They’re convenient – and they work everywhere!

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