Frequently asked questions

I like to walk when I play golf. Are ProPlay wipes an option for me?

ProPlay wipes come in a compact, sealable package that can be easily clipped to your golf bag. This makes them readily available for golfers who ride in a cart or those who prefer to walk when they play. Either way, ProPlay wipes are right there at your fingertips.

Why can’t I just use a baby wipe to clean my equipment?

While the packaging and cloths are similar, the ProPlay formulation is very different than standard baby wipes. ProPlay wipes have been specially formulated with an intended purpose to be an effective scent free cleansing wipe that won’t place an oily residue on your hands. Baby wipes have aloe, lanolin, glycerine and oils intended to leave a smooth oily residue. Besides, baby wipes stink!

When you clean a golf ball using your towel

When you clean the golf ball on your towel – by sprinkling it with water or by spitting on it – you soil the towel. Wouldn’t you prefer to keep that golf towel available for important things… like cleaning the perspiration off your face and hands on a hot, sunny day?

How do I store the wipes when I’m not playing?

Just leave them in your bag or hooked to the ring. As long as the wipes are properly sealed, they will be ready to use the next time you play.

How often should I use the Club Grip Wipes?

It probably depends on the conditions under which you play. But serious golfers prefer to clean their grips after each round.

Why do I need to clean my grips?

Your grips came with a tacky feel. This helps you hang onto the club without squeezing it to death. The wipes not only restore the tacky feel, it also cleans away all the sweat and dirt and makes them last longer.

What sort of grips will they work with?

The ProPlay Club Cleaning wipes are safe to use with all types of grip – from leather to rubber to composite.

Will these Club Cleaning Wipes discolour my golf ball or club heads?

Absolutely not. These wipes have been tasted and are safe to use with your equipment.

What is the difference between the Ball-Club Cleaning wipe & Grip Cleaning wipe?

The formulations are different and the wipe material is different. The cloth wipe in the Grip cleaning wipe is thicker and stronger.