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John LeRoy got the inspiration for ball, club and grip wipes one day while he was playing golf. He had just three-putted and was headed to one of those familiar ball washers to take out a little frustration only to find it without any water. That was the moment he decided to create the ProPlay cleaning wipes.

John had prior experience and patent for developing adhesive remover and cleansing wipes for the healthcare industry and it was at this moment that John decided to solve this issue for golfers.

He went to work to create a product that would be portable, affordable, safe and easy to use.

Soon he was developing the Ball, Club and Grip Cleaning wipes formulation and specification. John and the other members of his regular golf group loved how handy they were. The convenient compact pouch was the perfect size and could be placed in the front of any golf cart or golf bag for easy access. His buddies marveled at how simple the idea was yet how effective the wipes were at ridding their golf balls of those green – and dirty brown stains. Nobody likes playing with dirty balls.

They were impressed at how easily the wipes cleaned off the mud from an overly aggressive divot and were able to dig out the dirt in the grooves. After hearing his friends rave about the new wipes, John knew he’d never again need to ruin another nice pair of golf slacks… as long as he had a package of Ball and Club Cleaning wipes handy.

We started in 2020

The ProPlay team wanted to create items that were effective, convenient, safe, dependable and affordable. We were determined to create a business that was bold and fun. We weren’t about blending in. We wanted to stand out and become the industry standard.

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What users have to say!

Our products are is easy to use, convenient, affordable, and dependable.

ProPlay, love the wipes.I wish you could help me clean up the rest of my game too.

Devin D / Lansing, MI

I bought the ball wipes because I hate when the ball washers are empty.Thanks ProPlay, now I can wash my ball between holes.

Mark M / Huntington Woods

The Ball & Club wipes are awesome.No scent and convenient.Fair price too.These will be a nice add on gift for father’s day.

Gordy B / Peoria, AZ

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